android-openvpn-settings—Manage OpenVPN on rooted android phones.

2011年4月11日 | 分类: 手机翻墙 | 标签: ,

OpenVPN Settings is an android app. It’s purpose is to start, stop and monitor the state of openvpn tunnels in a style very similar to WiFi Settings app that comes with android.

The app is released on the market as ‘OpenVPN Settings’

I know there are other apps out there with similar or even the same goals. But I had already written the code by the time I found out. I started this app in March 2009 as a personal project, as part of integrating openvpn into the android build system. As I always had in mind to open source this app, so I publish it now. If you are interested in this app, like it or simply want to help make it better then your input is most welcome.

In September 2009 I made my openvpn git repositories for android available on github:

If you find any bugs, have modifications or suggestions how to improve openvpn for android, please use the issue tracker on github.