AutoProxy 0.4b2: rock with Firefox 4 !

2011年4月11日 | 分类: 翻墙相关 | 标签: , ,

Hi community,

Due to large change we made, it takes long time for a new release. But finally, it comes!

Changelog below (compare to last release):


Multi-proxies support, we now can use different proxy for different rule group;

Quick change proxy of rule group from context menu;

Swedish translation added;

New menu item: Report to gfwList (if gfwList subscribed). We would like to work closer with the whole community to make the gfwList better!

Bug fix:

Firefox 3.6 application tab in Options is blank;

Default proxy can not be saved after Firefox restart;

The toolbar button appears incorrect;

Enable Proxy On: problems when url contains “#”;

Enable Proxy On: option incorrectly checked when the group of rule is disabled.


Icon will now be displayed in toolbar instead of status bar;

The about dialog rewrited;

The default action of icon click is now cycle proxy mode (auto -> global -> disabled);

AutoProxy will ensure that on proxy will be used when work in disabled mode;

When work in global mode, the default proxy will be applied to all websites except URLs matched by whitelist which will be connected directly;

Performance up & many many detail improvements!


  1. iGFW

    * 部分语种本地化的紧急修正

    * 修正:匹配白名单的网址现在会正确地禁用代理;
    * 修正:可代理资源列表中对指定网址启用代理功能的 bug;
    * 修正:工具栏图标的样式问题;
    * 重新启用:设置“规则不匹配时”是否使用代理的选项;
    * 新功能:右键菜单快速更改每组规则所使用的代理。