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2011-05-06 Advanced Onion Router

– corrected: when an UNICODE language file was loaded, list view subitems for hidden services and plugins  were not updated
– corrected: since language files were loaded using read_file_to_str(), language files were opened in text mode and had CRLF (\r\n) converted to LF (\n), which caused multi-line debug messages to be converted to single-line messages
– the restriction for minimum circuit bandwidth rate now uses BandwidthCapacity instead of BandwidthRate (it uses what the router is known to handle instead of what the router reported it can handle)
– the window title will show “Disconnected” when disconnecting from the OR network (suggested by TT)
– new option for circuit context menus on the “Network information” page: “Priority”, which is used when deciding which circuits to use for a new client connection when more circuits with different priorities exist; low priority circuits are used only when no higher priority circuits are available
– new option for circuit context menus on the “Network information” page: “Availability” which can be used to change expiration times or to prevent a manually built circuit from expiring (the default expiration time can be changed from the “Circuit build” page)
– new option on the “System” page: “Encrypt all settings using AES”; if this option is enabled, all configuration files are gzipped and encrypted using a password or a key file and saved to AdvOR.dat, original configuration files are deleted; to revert the encryption and to save plain-text configuration files, after a successfull login, the encryption can be disabled from the System dialog
– new functions for plugins: tor_malloc(), tor_free(), safe_malloc(), safe_free() (the “safe” functions attempt to allocate memory that is not cached to the Windows swap file)
– new functions for plugins: write_protected_file(), append_to_protected_file(), read_protected_file(), protected_file_exists(); if encrypting configuration files is enabled, “protected files” are gzipped and encrypted and saved to AdvOR.dat
– an example plugin (C) that uses protected file operations was included in the source code archive – Notes.dll (a simple text editor which saves a text file to AdvOR.dat when encryption is enabled, and “AdvOR–notes.txt” when encryption is disabled)
– an example plugin (asm) that uses AdvTor_HandleRead() was included in the source code archive – ShowURL.dll (a plugin that shows the complete URLs used with HTTP proxy requests)
– new functions for plugins: tor_gzip_compress(), tor_gzip_uncompress(), tor_zlib_new(), tor_zlib_process(), tor_zlib_free(), detect_compression_method()
– the plugin Blacklist.dll can now download and uncompress gzipped blacklists
– updated language strings: 2777, 2778, 2779, 2780, 2781, 2782, 2783, 2784, 2785, 2786, 2787, 2788, 2789, 2790, 2791, 2792, 2793, 2794, 2795, 2796, 2797, 2798





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    New ver.:
    “ < 24 hours ago 3.9 MB < 24 hours ago 3.0 MB"


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    New.ver.: AdvOR :23 hours ago.

    (AdvOR更新,Advanced Onion Router发布)

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    New ver.:
    “ < 24 hours ago 3.9 MB < 24 hours ago 3.0 MB"

    (AdvOR更新,Advanced Onion Router发布)

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    X-Tor Portable – Anonymity online :: winPenPack – The Portable Software Collection
    “X-Tor Portable
    Browsing anonimously

    Tor is a free software that helps in defending against traffic analysis, a kind of surveillance that threaten individual freedom and privacy. X-Tor Portable is a software package made by winPenPack that includes Tor, Vidalia (a graphical interface for Tor), Privoxy (a proxy web filter), Polipo (another proxy web filter) and the Torbutton extension, all customized in order to work together.

    What is Tor

    Tor is a free software that helps in defending against traffic analysis, a kind of surveillance that threaten individual freedom and privacy. Tor runs by addressing all your requests through a distribuited relay network managed by volunteers, spread all over the world. It keeps everyone watching your Internet connection from discovering which websites you are visiting and, on the other hand, keeps the website you are browsing from knowing where you really are. Tor runs togheter with many other programs, such as web browsers, chat clients, remote login programs and many other TCP-based applications. Tor alone is not sufficent to browse anonimously the Internet, as it protects only Internet applications configured to use it for sending their traffic (see complete technical details on Tor’s official site). In order to have a really anonymous browsing you have also to configure Mozilla Firefox (in our case the portable version X-Firefox) and the Torbutton extension.

    How to use X-Tor Portable

    Prerequisites: X-Firefox to be used stand-alone or integrated into winPenPack (to be downloaded separately), and the Torbutton extension (already integrated in the package).

    For a stand-alone use of Tor, you have to copy the package content X-Firefox into the X-Tor main folder (note: X-Firefox.exe and X-Firefox.ini files should be placed at the same level of X-Tor.exe and X-Tor.ini) overwriting all the structure’s folders (Bin, Lib, User, etc..). In order to use X-Tor with winPenPack you have only to install X-Tor and X-Firefox into the winPenPack menu by using the “Install X-Software…” option. After the installation all the files and folders will be correctly placed into the just created structure.

    To start browsing anonimously the Internet start X-Tor.exe. The Vidalia control panel will pop-up, immediately followed by the launch of X-Firefox. If any of the preceding steps has not been correctly executed the “Browser not found” error message will pop-up:

    In this case you will have to re-install X-Firefox and then restart X-Tor.

    If X-Firefox is started for the first time, the window “X-Firefox first run” will appear. Click on “OK” and accept the licence agreement. A script will create the Mozilla Firefox portable version from the original setup. During this delicate procedure, sometimes may happen a Vidalia crash and close, maybe because the X-firefox profile is not jet completed (for more infos have a look in Known bugs). In this case, continue the installation of X-Firefox anyway, since the configuration ends and the browser starts. Then close Firerox and restart X-Tor.exe. Doing This, X-Firefox will restart with X-Tor active (it should appear the “Tor enabled” indication at the bottom right corner of your browser window). Otherwise, click (only once) on “Tor Disabled”, turning it on “Tor enabled”, and refresh the current page. If Tor, despite the indication, it should still be not active, please close X-Firefox and run again X-Tor.exe.

    Once Firefox has been restarted, please check that the message “Tor enabled” is displayed in the lower right corner of the browser’s window. To be sure you are really using Tor, you can check the following URL If you cannot see the message “Congratulations. You are using Tor.”, it means that something has gone wrong and you must repeat the whole procedure.

    In order to terminate the anonymous browsing session, you will have to close X-Firefox, X-Tor will be automatically closed. If also X-Pidgin is running together with X-Firefox (see for details the next point) you will have to explicitly close both the programs.”

    X-Tor [rev9] Portable :: Downloads / Proxy :: winPenPack – The Portable Software Collection
    “X-Tor [rev9]

    Developer: The Tor Project, Inc./winPenPack Team
    Author website: -Link-
    Last Updated: Saturday 26 March 2011 – 18:52:03
    Size: 12.3 MB
    Downloads: 8827
    8.5 – 4 votes

    It Tor è un software libero che consente di difendersi dall’analisi del traffico, una forma di sorveglianza della rete che minaccia le libertà individuali e la privacy. Tor funziona deviando le comunicazioni attraverso una rete distribuita di relay, gestiti da volontari in tutto il mondo. Impedisce a chi osservi la tua connessione Internet di sapere quali siti stai visitando, ed impedisce ai siti che visiti di venire a sapere dove sei realmente. Tor funziona con molti programmi, come i browser web, i client per la chat, i programmi di login remoto e tante altre applicazioni basate sul protocollo TCP. X-Tor Portable è un nuovo pacchetto realizzato da winPenPack che include Tor, Vidalia (un’interfaccia grafica per Tor), Privoxy (filtro web proxy), Polipo (filtro web proxy) e l’estensione Torbutton già preconfigurati per funzionare insieme. Leggere questo tutorial per configurare X-Firefox.

    [En] Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy. View technical details on official Tor’s website. X-Tor Portable is a new package realized by winPenPack including Tor, Vidalia (controller GUI for Tor), Privoxy (web proxy), Polipo (web proxy) and Torbutton (extension for Firefox) already preconfigured to work together. For X-Firefox configuration please read this tutorial.

    Versione/Version: Software [ Tor v0.2.1.30
    Vidalia v0.2.10
    Privoxy v3.0.15
    Polipo v1.0.4.1
    Torbutton v1.2.5] – X-Launcher [1.4.2] – INI [rev9]
    Licenza Software/Software License: Modified BSD license, GNU GPL
    Licenza Launcher/Launcher License: winPenPack License Agreement
    Lingua/Language: – Multilingual

    Dettagli/Details: -Link-
    Bug noti/Known bugs: -Link-
    Tor test: -Link- -Link-

    [rev3] aggiunto file “geoip-cache” al profilo di Vidalia
    [rev4] aggiunto file “geoip” al profilo di Tor, istruzioni predefinite per Privoxy tramite launcher, diversificazione di config.txt in base alla versione di Privoxy
    [rev5] estesa integrazione con Polipo (proxy), aggiunta integrazione e avvio X-Firefox, aggiunta integrazione e avvio X-Pidgin, aggiornati Privoxy (v3.0.14), Torbutton (v1.2.2) e Vidalia (v0.1.15), cambiato splash screen
    [rev6] modificata sintassi per configurazione Privoxy e Polipo con nuova versione Vidalia, modificata gestione configurazione Polipo
    [rev7] modificata gestione “geoip-cache” e “geoip”
    [rev8] bug fix estensione Torbutton “non attiva” al cambio di drive o percorso -Link-
    [rev9] corretta integrazione con X-Firefox-3 -Link- ”

    X-Firefox-3 3.6.17 [rev18] Portable :: Downloads / Browsers :: winPenPack – The Portable Software Collection

    “X-Firefox-3 3.6.17 [rev18]

    Developer: Mozilla Foundation/winPenPack Team
    Author website: -Link-
    Last Updated: Saturday 30 April 2011 – 16:44:47
    Size: 904.03 kB
    Downloads: 51278
    10.0 – 4 votes ”


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    “Download here:
    Many option for TOR combination.
    Portable no .net framework needed.
    Very easy for establishing connection on TOR network.
    Q: What is TOR++ ?
    A: Tor++ is a combination of 4 main tunneling software such as Polipo, Privoxy, Gpass, and Gtunnel which using the TOR engine to access the internet through TOR network.
    Q: how to use it?
    * Download tor++
    * Connect your PC in your ISP.
    * Execute tor++, and wait until it build a TOR circuit.
    * And now you can deploy the embedded tunneling software.
    Q: How do I configure my browser.
    A: Configuring your web browser is depend on what tunneling sw you’ve depoyed.
    Proxifier Directly No need
    Note: I assigned privoxy, polipo and gpass on the same port so that it would be easy for us to
    switch if we wanted. When you deploy GTUNNEL you dont need to configure your browser
    it’s automatically configure and run browser for you.
    Q: How about proxifier?
    A: Running Proxifier is optional, if you dont want to configure your browser manualy then
    * Run Proxifier as relay – you can use proxifier to tunnel you programs (AV, YM, amfrog, etc) on deployed tunneling sw.
    Programs Proxifier Gpass/Polipo/Privoxy/Gtunnel Tor Internet
    * Run Proxifier Directly – you can use proxifier to tunnel you programs (AV, YM, amfrog, etc) on TOR network directly.
    Programs Proxifier Tor Internet

    Note: Source files will be extracted at C:\FBT. [kung gusto nyo likutin setting]
    Para sa mga di makapag-paconnect ng tor.
    1. synchronize mo date and time mo.
    2. check mo firewall settings, and other firewall services na nagrurun sa pc mo..
    3. then download mo to.. >
    (certificate, descriptor, and consensus ng PC ko laman nyan.. extract mo lang.)
    4. copy mo yung mga lamang file. lagay mo sa directory nato “C:\Users\%user_name_mo%\AppData\Roaming\tor” overwrite mo lahat and make sure hindi running tor++ mo..
    5. then run mo ulit ung tor++ dapat 80% agad bootsrapped nya.



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    Download PortableTor Free – A convenient package for anonymous web browsing – Softpedia


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    10 Open Source Android Apps which every Android developer must look into – Night Dreaming (by Sudar)
    “TorProxy and Shadow
    TorProxy is an implementation of Tor for Android mobiles. Together with Shadow, it allows you to browse website anonymously from your mobile phone. You can learn about tunnelling socket connections, managing cookies etc by reading its source code.
    url: and

    android-tor – Revision 3: /
    “android-tor – Revision 3: /
    Powered by Subversion version 1.5.4 (r33841).”

    Digital Technology Group – Android Applications – Tor Proxy

    ” Computer Laboratory
    Digital Technology Group
    Android Applications
    Tor Proxy
    Raven login

    TorProxy and Shadow
    Tor Proxy LogoShadow Logo

    This work is the result of a ten week summer project in the Digital Technology Group. The software was written by Connell Gauld and supervised by Alastair Beresford and Andrew Rice.

    TorProxy is an Android application that makes it possible to use Internet sites and services anonymously from a mobile device. This is possible thanks to the Tor network and OnionCoffee. TorProxy can be used by many different Android applications to obtain an anonymous Internet application. For example, if you want to browse website anonymously you will need to install a web browser which uses TorProxy such as Shadow (see below).

    Shadow is an Android application that allows you to browse the Web anonymously from your mobile phone. The Shadow browser requires TorProxy (see above) to do this. In addition to using the Tor network to anonymously retrieve information from the Web, Shadow also helps you manage any “cookies” sent to Shadow by Websites to protect your browsing history.

    The source code of TorProxy and Shadow are available under the GPL v2 license. Details on how to access our SVN repository to obtain the source code are further down this page. We are happy to answer questions via email.
    How to use TorProxy and Shadow

    Install TorProxy and Shadow by downloading them from the Android Marketplace.
    Start the TorProxy application.
    Select a profile for TorProxy:
    off — do not connect to the tor network.
    on-demand — only connect to the tor network if a program (e.g. Shadow) needs it. This profile is probably the best choice if you only want to make occassional use of an anonymous Internet connection.
    always on — maintain an anonymous connection whenever the phone is actively in use.
    Once a connection to the Tor network is requested, a notification of the state of the connection appears in the notification bar. A countdown will appear with an estimate of the time remaining before an anonymous connection becomes available. This will take approximately one minute in the first instance, and around 35 seconds when reconnecting after the phone has woken up from a sleep state.
    To browse the Web, start the Shadow web browser. Shadow works in a very similar way to the normal Android Web browser. The Menu button reveals the usual browser options. Typing in a URL will initiate an anonymous connection over the Internet via Tor.

    Frequently asked questions
    Why is the Google Website frequently displayed in a foreign language?

    Google determines the language you want from the internet address of your device. When browsing anonymously, the Tor network may provide an internet address from another country. You can click on the “ in English” link to see the website in English.
    Why does TorProxy sit with a red dot over the tor icon in the notification bar when connecting via a mobile data connection (i.e. 3G or GPRS)?

    Sometimes it takes longer to connect via a mobile data connection than it does when using WiFi. Please be patient and wait until the red dot disappears before trying to connect anonymously via Shadow.
    Press coverage

    Mobile Crunch (14th September 2009).
    Help Net Security (14th September 2009).
    Phandroid (15th September 2009).
    H-Online (15th September 2009).
    Heise [German] (17th September 2009).

    Source download

    The TorProxy and Shadow source code is available through anonymous access to our SVN repository:

    svn co

    We developed and compile this code using Eclipse with Subclipse and the Android developer SDK. Each of the four modules in the above repository should be checked out as separate eclipse projects (each has its own .project file).
    Compiling TorProxyLib

    Checkout URL:
    Build in Eclipse as normal
    Right click on export-torproxylib.jardesc and choose Create Jar

    Compiling TorProxy

    Checkout URL:

    Compiling Shadow

    Checkout URL:

    Compiling TorProxyExamples

    Checkout URL:

    Documentation for application developers

    In order to anonymize your application’s Internet communication:

    1. Import TorProxyLib.jar into your project

    2. Connect to the TorProxy control service

    3. Register for the TorProxy status change broadcast

    4. When the Tor connection is available, create your socket and tunnel it through SocksProxy
    1. TorProxyLib

    This library contains everything you need to allow your application to anonymize its sockets.

    Add TorProxyLib.jar to your build path.
    2. Connect to the TorProxy control service

    The TorProxy service exports an interface which you can use to check the availability of the anonymous connection and register your desire to use it.


    // Keep track of the control service
    private ITorProxyControl mControlService = null;
    private final IntentFilter torStatusFilter = new IntentFilter(


    // Service connection to TorProxy service
    private ServiceConnection mSvcConn = new ServiceConnection() {

    public void onServiceConnected(ComponentName name, IBinder service) {

    mControlService = ITorProxyControl.Stub.asInterface(service);
    // Connected to Control Service
    // Perhaps check Tor status here


    public void onServiceDisconnected(ComponentName name) {

    mControlService = null;
    // Connection to Control Service lost


    protected void onResume() {

    // …

    // Register to receive Tor status update broadcasts

    registerReceiver(mBroadcastReceiver, torStatusFilter);

    // Bind to the TorProxy control service
    bindService(new Intent().setComponent(new ComponentName(


    // …


    protected void onPause() {

    // …

    // Registered in onResume so unregister here

    // …

    private BroadcastReceiver mBroadcastReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver() {

    public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {

    if (TorProxyLib.STATUS_CHANGE_INTENT.equals(intent.getAction())) {

    // TorProxy has broadcast a Tor status update
    // Check Tor status here

    Using the control service

    The control service has a current profile. The anonymous data connection has a current state.

    The profiles are:

    PROFILE_OFF – the anonymous data connection is turned off
    PROFILE_ONDEMAND – you may have to register your interest to get an anonymous connection
    PROFILE_ON – the anonymous data connection will be made available (automatically) if possible

    The states are:

    STATUS_UNAVAILABLE – the anonymous data connection is currently unavailable
    STATUS_REQUIRES_DEMAND – the anonymous data connection is currently off but may be available if you register your demand
    STATUS_CONNECTING – the anonymous data connection is being set up
    STATUS_ON – the anonymous data connection is available for use

    You can get the current profile using:


    You can get the current status using:


    Tunneling a socket through SocksProxy

    int proxyPort = mControlService.getSOCKSPort();

    SocksProxy proxy = new SocksProxy(proxyPort);

    Socket s = proxy.connectSocksProxy(null, destHost, destPort, 0);

    // Use s as normal

    The DTG Group
    New Applicants
    Summer Internships

    DTG Miscellanea
    Weather Station
    Device Analyzer
    TorProxy and Shadow
    Barcode Box

    Paper Parties


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    Ozirion | Download Ozirion software for free at
    “Ozirion is a web browser allowing people and groups to improve their privacy on the Internet by hiding their IP address through a network of virtual tunnels.”
    Ozirion is a QT4 Webkit based browser.
    Privacy is provided by the use of the Tor network and of Privoxy local proxy
    Your can choose the country from where your IP is originated.
    Tor and Privoxy are directly managed by Ozirion so you don’t need to intall these separately.”
    “Operating System 32-bit MS Windows (NT/2000/XP), Linux
    Translations French, German, Italian”
    Ozirion – Browse Files at
    Ozirion_alpha_0.0.1.tar.gz 2009-10-03 25.8 MB

    And Version alpha-0.0.2 of Ozirion:
    Version alpha-0.0.2 of Ozirion |
    “Changes: The cross platform Qt4 code should now compile under Win32 without major difficulties. Please note that specific Win32 Qt4 DLLs are expected to be found in the same directory as the TorNavigator executable. Tor 2.1.19 and Privoxy are included and are directly configured by TorNavigator, so it is no longer necessary to install them separately. ”


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    Tails – Privacy for anyone anywhere
    Latest release:0.7.1 ; April 30,2011
    Tails – Download Tails

    “The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Live CD, Live USB) is aimed at preserving your privacy and anonymity:
    all outgoing connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network;
    no trace is left on local storage devices unless explicitely asked.
    It has many other features.
    Technical details can be found in the design documentation.
    Tails heavily relies on Tor for its anonymity features. Tor is experimental software based on current computer science research and thus it cannot guarantee strong anonymity. A good starting point for evaluating what kind of anonymity you can expect from Tor (and by extension Tails) is the About Tor section of The Tor Project’s website.”
    ” The Amnesic Incognito Live System is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL (version 3 or above).
    This website uses several images with various copyright, licenses, trademarks and terms of distributions:
    Debian logo: Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest
    USB stick icon: source; waived of all copyright and related or neighboring rights under the CC0 PD Dedication; policies
    CD icon: source; license: attribution; designer: The Noun Project
    Onion Logo: registered trademark of The Tor Project, Inc.; the Tails project is authorized to use it under certain conditions; licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.”
    ” The Amnesic Incognito Live System could not exist without Debian, Debian Live and Tor; see our relationship with upstream document for details;
    Tails was inspired by the Incognito LiveCD. The Incognito author has declared it to be dead on March 23, 2010, and written that The Amnesic Incognito Live System “should be considered as its spiritual successor”.
    The Privatix Live-System was an early source of inspiration, too.
    Portions of this product are based in part on TrueCrypt, freely available at”
    Wikipedia:”The Amnesic Incognito Live System or Tails is a Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. It is the next iteration of development on the Incognito Linux distribution. It is based off of Debian, with all outgoing connections forced to go through Tor. The system is designed to be booted as a live cd or usb and no trace is left on local storage unless explicitly told to.”


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    TorK – Anonymity Manager for KDE | Download TorK – Anonymity Manager for KDE software for free at
    “TorK is an Anonymity Manager for the KDE Desktop. Browse anonymously on Konqueror/Firefox/Opera. Send anonymous email via the MixMinion network. Use ssh/irc/IM anonymously. Control and monitor your anonymous traffic on the Tor network. ”
    Operating System
    All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)
    TorK – Anonymity Manager for KDE – Browse Files at


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    New ver.silvertunnel – Java lib+browser for TOR | Download silvertunnel – Java lib+browser for TOR software for free at
    “ is a project that provides an end-user browser, a Java library and additional Java security tools to easily access anonymity networks such as the Tor ( network. Secure and easy to use”
    Last Update 5 hours ago.
    silvertunnel – Java lib+browser for TOR – Browse Files at


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    New ver.BlackBelt Privacy 2011×06.exe < 2 hours ago 11.2 MB
    BlackBelt Privacy – High Performance Tor – Browse Files at


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    BlackBelt Privacy – High Performance Tor | Download BlackBelt Privacy – High Performance Tor software for free at
    BlackBelt Privacy 2011×06.exe < 17 hours ago 11.2 MB
    Be sure to check-out the screen shots.
    Friendly support provided.
    Streamlined Installation Package.
    No additional conguration necessary for server or client.
    One-Click Firefox Configuration.
    Optional Bundled Tor Server, controllable and running seperately.
    Build System files included – we honour our Open-Source commitment.
    Larger, massively-pipelined and multiplexed sockets yield a smoother, higher performance over the standard Tor package.
    No functional changes, only internal and external parameters have been optimised.
    No code changes, the core functionality of Tor remains identical, just higher performance.
    Regularly updated – we ensure you get the best out of Tor, keeping you in contact wih the latest versions !
    *** NOW UPDATED : latest Tor !
    *** NOW UPDATED : Firefox 4 supported !
    *** NOW UPDATED : Plugins to improve privacy with Firefox included !
    PLEASE rate and review, this keeps us on our toes and ensures we get the best to you ASAP."


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    Liberté Linux is a secure, lightweight, and easy to use Gentoo-based Linux distribution intended as a communication aid in hostile environments. Liberté installs on a USB key, and boots on any computer or laptop.
    * User-friendly and pre-configured (LXDE & GTK+)
    * CPU: PPro+, Memory: ~128MiB, Image: <240MiB
    * Free space on USB or SD is accessible from any OS
    * All connections are either firewalled or Torified (!)
    * Full internationalization and multilingualization"


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    07.05.2011;Uploaded: Today (15 hours ago)
    1.tor-browser-1.3.24_zh-CN.exe – torproject – Tor Browser Bundle for Windows with Firefox 1.3.24 (简体中文) – Tor Project: anonymity online – Google Project Hosting
    2.vidalia-bridge-bundle- – torproject – Tor Bundle for Windows (Bridge Enabled) – Tor Project: anonymity online – Google Project Hosting
    3.vidalia-bundle- – torproject – Tor Bundle for Windows – Tor Project: anonymity online – Google Project Hosting

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