Ultima Steganography——文件加密隐藏工具

Ultima Steganography是一个非常容易使用的文件加密隐藏软件。使用Ultima Steganography,您可以轻松地加密一些文件并把它隐藏在图片中。虽然文件被隐藏图片中,但图片仍是一个图片,它和加密前的显示没有两样。唯一的区别是,用Ultima Steganography加密过的图片包含了你想隐藏的文件。而且文件的安全性和完整性也完全可以保证。在目前在信息技术领域最重要的问题,Ultima Steganography就是可以让您的私人数据安全能得到终极伪装的帮助。



加密http://mozaiq.org/encrypt 、解密http://mozaiq.org/decrypt








http://inferno.sourceforge.net/ (加密文件和删除文件)



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    “Amnesia is a design-rich, multi-user, ‘host-proof’ web application that encrypts and remembers all sorts of personal information from passwords to private notes.
    All data is encrypted and decrypted in the client – it is ‘host-proof’ – meaning no unencrypted or insecure data is passed over the network. Everything stored in the Amnesia database is encrypted using a private keyphrase that only the account owner knows. Amnesia keeps no record of this keyphrase and it is never transmitted outside of the browser, meaning the information stored is indecipherable and only the account owner can unlock the data. Amnesia uses SHA encryption, one of the cryptographic hash functions certified by the US government for the encryption of its classified documents.
    Amnesia can be deployed on a remote or local web server. It’s built using PHP, MySQL and Javascript. The screenshots below show it running on a local web server.
    Amnesia has been professionally designed with ease-of-use in mind. The UI is slick and crafted. Application functionality uses AJAX and jQuery to create a rich application experience in the browser.
    Securely encrypts and stores all kinds of personal data.
    Host-proof architecture. All encryption/decryption occurs client side.
    SHA encryption.
    Two layers of security: Standard web login to the app + local keyphrase for encryption.
    Professionally designed UI.
    Deployable on local or remote webserver.
    Ajax-based web application.
    Highly polished visual design.
    Plays well cross-platform.
    Project beta-testers and collaborators are welcomed, as are comments and bug reports……… ”
    “Amnesia-0.4.2b.tgz Amnesia 0.4.2b – Current stable release Featured Jul 2010 284 KB ”

    (Ultima Steganography——文件加密隐藏工具)

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    “inferno file destruction tool
    basic information
    advanced information
    Inferno is a free stand-alone application that can delete any file using a variety of overwrite patterns, including two that comply with the Department of Defense and the Gutmann overwipe pattern. Inferno can also encrypt and decrypt files using superstrong AES 256-bit encryption.
    Inferno is U3-compliant, it enables you to have it installed on your flash drive and use it on any compatible computer.
    Main download: author’s site
    Note: program requires VB 6.0 runtime in order to run, you can find it here.”
    “Secure Delete Methods

    Inferno is used to securely delete files using several different methods. These methods range from simply overwriting with random data and deleting the file to using complex algorithms to remove all trace of a file from the system. Inferno can only delete the files fed to it; it can not remove related files, temporary files, or follow shortcuts.

    The user can select any of the following methods in the Inferno settings:

    Pseudorandom data
    The fastest and weakest method used just overwrites the file once with random characters and then deletes it. While this is sufficient to avoid the file being recovered during a casual scan, it is not recommended for secret or classified information.

    U.S. DoD 5220.22-M /E
    This method was taken directly from the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Methos “overwrites all addressable locations with a character, its complement, then a random character.” This is accomplished in Inferno by using a specially generated array of a character to fill a file. The complement of that character is then determined by converting the character to an eight-bit string and reversing the binary equivalent. A random character is then used to overwrite it in the same manner as the pseudorandom data method, and the file is then deleted as usual.

    U.S. DoD 5220.22-M /E, C, and E
    This method is almost the same as the one above, except that after the file has been overwritten, the file is overwritten with random data in a method similar to the pseudorandom data method. /E is then repeated, (a total of 7 passes) and the file is deleted. For more information on this method, see the DoD 5220.22-M paper.

    Gutmann delete
    This is the strongest and most secure method used by Inferno. It utilizes a complex pattern written by Dr. Peter Gutmann in his paper, “Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory.” This method was developed to make software-based recovery impossible, and also to defeat most hardware-based recovery systems. It uses a combination of preset and randomly generated data arrays to overwrite the data 35 times, thus ensuring that the overwritten data is destroyed. Each pass is designed to target either the RLL or MFM HDD encoding methods.

    The security of all the delete methods can be enhanced by renaming the file prior to deleting it with a randomly generated file name. This ensures that someone who is looking for a file by name (e.g. ‘Private.txt’) will not find it because it will have a random name such as ‘Q8hI98gL’or any other string of nonsense characters. Inferno will rename all files before deleting them.”

    (Ultima Steganography——文件加密隐藏工具)

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    (Ultima Steganography——文件加密隐藏工具)

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    Extension for Firefox:
    “Encrypts messages in forms to be transmitted in a confidential way, mainly to send E-Mails with sensitive data.”
    “This add-on can be used to transmit messages in a confidential way by encrypting them before they are actually sent. It works by catching the contents of a Form’s TEXTAREA, you just have to RMB over it and click on “Encrypt Communication”
    Take a look at the screenshots for a more detailed step-by-step instructions.
    Please note, this is a preliminary first version, with the basic feature to catch TextArea contents, more advanced features will come later *if* there is interest from most of you, your feedback/reviews/support will decide that.”
    I’ll reward with $1000 to anyone who is able to crack the following message:
    — This message has been encrypted using eComm Mozilla Firefox Extension
    — You need to have this extension installed in your browser to decrypt it
    — End of Encrypted Message
    You just have to crack it and post back the sentence used :-)”

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    Extension for Firefox:
    “Encrypt and decrypt easily personal details and private messages at your social networks, blogs and websites.”
    这个附加组件已经过 Mozilla 初步审核

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    “…2. Install EphPub Addon
    The EphPub can be installed on both Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. The extension requires Python library to function properly.
    Here are the steps to install the extension:
    Download PythonExt, regarding your OS configuration, from the “Download” page. Note that the current versions of extension provided here only work on Firefox 3.6.* and Thunderbird 3.1.*.
    Install the Python Extension on Firefox or Thunderbird
    Download “ephpub-firefox-1.0.xpi” (for Firefox) or “ephpub-thunderbird-1.0.xpi” (for Thunderbird) from the “Download” page.
    Install the extension on the desired application. ….”


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    Extension for Firefox:
    “Native JavaScript encryption tools. DOMCrypt provides a new global window property called “mozCipher”.”
    “Using DOMCrypt, you have access to fast native encryption via a new window property: “window.crypt” – in all web pages.
    ‘Native’ refers to the fact that this addon is wrapping the native C-based NSS crypto routines for hashing, key generation encryption and decryption.
    The homepage for DOMCrypt is http://mozilla.ddahl.com/domcrypt/demos/demo.html The Github repo is: https://github.com/daviddahl/domcrypt
    There is also a Drumbeat project: https://drumbeat.org/en-US/projects/domcrypt/

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    “Steghide is a steganography program that is able to hide data in various kindsof image- and audio-files. The color- respectivly sample-frequencies are notchanged thus making the embedding resistant against first-order statisticaltests.”
    “Steghide UI is a nifty GUI written by Drunken.Canadian for the console application steghide as the name suggests. It allows the user to everything steghide can but with a nice user friendly GUI. Now, steghide UI has a new options panel.”
    “SteGUI is a graphical front-end to Steghide. It lets users view the images and play the sounds that Steghide allows as cover files, and command the program all with one tool. It also embeds a simple text editor to manage text payload files”

    “VSL is free image steganography and steganalysis software in form of graphical block diagramming tool. It allows complex using, testing and adjusting different steganographic techniques and provides simple GUI along with modular, plug-in architecture”


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    Extension to Mozilla Thunderbird and Seamonkey:
    “What is this all about?
    Enigmail is a security extension to Mozilla Thunderbird and Seamonkey. It enables you to write and receive email messages signed and/or encrypted with the OpenPGP standard.
    Sending and receiving encrypted and digitally signed email is simple using Enigmail.
    When starting it for the first time, you are guided through the basic setup. We also prepared a new users’ guide that explains how to use OpenPGP.
    How should I start?
    New users should look at our Quick start guide.
    Then install GnuPG and the right Enigmail package for your system.
    Is there a manual?
    Of course there is. ;-) To find out all about configuration options, or in case you encounter problems, please first have a look into our user manual.
    Where can I get help?
    The best place to get help is our mailing list. User forums are also available.
    How can I contribute?
    We’d love it if you did! Telling other people about Enigmail, helping out in the forums and on mailing lists, giving feedback on the manual, translating Enigmail into another language, reporting and fixing bugs, or helping out with coding.
    What do I need?
    Enigmail is an email plugin. It cannot be run by itself.
    You need a supported email client, the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), and a little patience. You may also need to install the proper Enigmail language pack.
    Complete installation instructions can be found in the Quick start guide. ”


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    “Free Encryption Software
    We provide free lite versions of our commercial software for those users who seldom need file encryption and who would rather not pay for fully featured security solution.
    Kryptelite is a free version of Kryptel, a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use file encryption program. While it lacks advanced Kryptel features, it is a great program, which will perfectly suit your needs if your security demands are not very high. Click here for a list of Kryptelite features.
    Iron Key
    Iron Key is a free version of Silver Key – a program for creating self-extracting encrypted files, which can be safely sent over the Internet. Your correspondent does not need any cryptographic software in order to decrypt an Iron Key parcel; all he needs is to run the file and enter the right password.”



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    Extension for Firefox:
    “Allows a secure communication over HTTP easily and quickly.”
    “HTTcryPt provides the user the ability to communicate with other people in secret by encrypting a web page at a time through two encryption algorithms: AES or Blowfish.
    HTTcryPt also allows you to encrypt only the contents of the HTML tags if within those tags was put the class attribute with value “cryptYes”.
    The use of HTTcryPt is very simple, in fact, simply load an HTML page in Firefox and open “HTTcryPt”, which then encrypt the page. When the encrypted page is loaded in Firefox, “HTTcryPt” will automatically allow you to enter the password required to decrypt the page.

    1) The ciphertext can be armored using some encodings that the user can choose:
    – Code Group, a logical grouping of code;
    – Base64, a numbering system to 64 symbols;
    – Hexadecimal, a numbering system to 16 symbols.
    2) The user can choose between two types of encryption key: text or hexadecimal.
    3) The key can be generated by the add-on (textual or hexadecimal, depending on the choice made).
    4) The add-on can be opened by pressing the F9 key (shortcut).
    5) If the add-on has not been installed, opening an encrypted web page will be shown a pop-up showing the link
    from which to download the add-on.”


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    大部分网友翻墙,碰到的第一个困难就是获取翻墙工具。 为了帮助菜鸟网友,俺还专门写了一个“ 获取翻墙软件方法大全 ”的帖子,普及这方面知识(本帖的内容,也会补充到那里面)。
    以前,为了传播翻墙工具,俺用微软的SkyDrive 收藏了常见翻墙工具的每一个新版本,并整理了一个清单(在Google Code “ 这里 ”)。 但是,每增加一个新的翻墙软件,过不了几天,其下载链接就被墙了(党国封杀的效率还挺高滴)。
    自从上周介绍了“ 基于Skype 翻墙 ”,有好多网友来信找俺要世.界.通。 在此,俺要很抱歉地告诉各位:家里的宽带,很不给力;再加上俺平时上网,都是走翻墙的加密通道(以免暴露踪迹,被跨省追捕),网速就更慢了。 通过Gmail 上传个1MB 的附件,就得好好几分钟。 所以, 俺无法给每位索要翻墙工具的网友发送附件。 非常抱歉!
    考虑到党国的封锁日益严厉,翻墙的形势也得与时俱进。 最近,俺想了一个新的办法, 用图片来传播翻墙工具 。 简单地说,就是把翻墙工具嵌入到图片中(具体的实现技术,俺在下一个帖子介绍),然后在国内的网站发布该图片。 由于图片放在国内的网站(也就是墙内),GFW无法拦截,大伙儿可以尽情地下载。 万一该图片被国内网站的管理员删除了,重新上传也很容易——无非就是打一枪换一个地方:)
    每一个翻墙工具的图片,都会上传了2份:一份放到Google Docs上(永久的,但会被墙),一份放到国内网站(不会被墙,但说不定哪天就被删了)。 如果网友们愿意帮助俺传播翻墙工具,可以把这些图片复制到国内那些能贴图的网站,然后把URL链接告诉俺( program.think@gmail.com )。 俺验证没问题之后,会把链接发布在博客上。
    嵌入到图片中的,其实是一个7z格式的压缩文件。 下载图片之后,你可以用7zip或者WinRAR 打开它,然后把里面的翻墙工具解压缩出来——非常简单!
    如果系统里的压缩软件已经关联了7z 这个扩展名,也可以直接把图片的扩展名改为7z,然后双击直接打开。
    如果解压失败,有可能是图片比较大,没有下载完全。 请重新下载。
    解压缩出来的翻墙工具,本身都是有数字签名的。 建议你再验证一下数字签名,以确保这些exe 文件没有被篡改(没有被植入木马/病毒)。 不懂得验证数字签名的同学,请翻墙看“ 这里 ”的介绍。
    先放2个最新版本的自.由.門作为试点,看看大伙儿的反馈如何。 效果好的话,再补充其它几个。
    名称 版本 墙外链接 墙内链接
    自.由.門专家版 7.1.1 @GoogleDocs @网易
    自.由.門专业版 7.1.1 @GoogleDocs @网易
    最后,祝各位不会翻墙的同学,早日呼吸到互联网上自由的空气! 版权声明 本博客所有的原创文章,作者皆保留版权。 转载必须包含本声明,保持本文完整,并以超链接形式注明作者编程随想和本文原始地址:
    标签: GFW
    0 评论:
    你的参与就是我的动力 :-)”

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    OpenPuff Steganography & Watermarking : Home & Help

    “Application: OpenPuff 3.30
    Licence: Freeware (with Developer’s authorisation – http://portableapps.com/node/26803)
    Category: Security
    Description: OpenPuff is a free Steganography and Watermarking software tool created by Cosimo Oliboni. OpenPuff can be used to Watermark photos, images, and pictures. It can also be used to encrypt or hide data in a file. Hidden data or messages can then only be accessed by entering the proper password via OpenPuff.
    Download OpenPuff 3.30 Development Test 5 English.paf.exe [1.55MB download / 2.03MB installed]
    (MD5: ed49e4b080324b972fa9a94458ae6eef)”
    (OpenPuff Portable 3.30 Development Test 5 | PortableApps.com – Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives


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    Stegano | Download Stegano software for free at SourceForge.net


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    1.QuickStego – Free Steganography Software
    2.The Gifshuffle Home Page