TOR++ 一个强大的tor组合包

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TOR++ 是一个强大的tor组合包,集合Tor、Gpass、Gtunnel、Polipo、Privoxy和Proxifier PE,连接上Tor后可以使用Polipo或Privoxy转化成http代理127.0.0.1端口8000,也可以配置Proxifier PE让整机或指定程序通过tor代理,还可以配置Gpass或Gtunnel使用它们的tor模式连接(点击Tunneling和Others来选择,选择后点击软件右下角图标运行)。不过这一切的前提是你要能连接上Tor网络,连接TOR的方法参考:,原版下载: (需自行设置网桥或代理)。
下载后如果不能连接Tor请更换可用的https代理,找到torrc文件用记事本打开,找到HTTPSProxy把里面的165.193.102.220:80改为其他可用的https代理,https代理可以在网站查找(方法参考:;默认只使用美国的出口节点,如果你想使用其他国家的可以修改torrc文件里的ExitNodes {us},比如修改为ExitNodes {us},{de} ,{nl} 这样就会使用美国德国荷兰的出口节点了。只要你找的https代理足够快看youtube不成问题。


Many option for TOR combination.
Portable no .net framework needed.
Very easy for establishing connection on TOR network.

Q: What is TOR++ ?
A: Tor++ is a combination of 4 main tunneling software such as Polipo, Privoxy, Gpass, and Gtunnel which using the TOR engine to access the internet through TOR network.

Q: how to use it?
* Download tor++
* Connect your PC in your ISP.
* Execute tor++, and wait until it build a TOR circuit.
* And now you can deploy the embedded tunneling software.

Q: How do I configure my browser.
A: Configuring your web browser is depend on what tunneling sw you’ve depoyed.

Proxifier Directly No need

Note: I assigned privoxy, polipo and gpass on the same port so that it would be easy for us to
switch if we wanted. When you deploy GTUNNEL you dont need to configure your browser
it’s automatically configure and run browser for you.

Q: How about proxifier?
A: Running Proxifier is optional, if you dont want to configure your browser manualy then

* Run Proxifier as relay – you can use proxifier to tunnel you programs (AV, YM, amfrog, etc) on deployed tunneling sw.
Programs <–> Proxifier <–> Gpass/Polipo/Privoxy/Gtunnel <–> Tor <–> Internet

* Run Proxifier Directly – you can use proxifier to tunnel you programs (AV, YM, amfrog, etc) on TOR network directly.
Programs <–> Proxifier <–> Tor <–> Internet

Note: Source files will be extracted at C:\FBT. [kung gusto nyo likutin setting]



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    This information is controversial, and some consider the use of bittorrent over TOR to be counter to the goals of the TOR project. This article does not seek to answer the questions about the validity of any protocol over the TOR network but merely how to do it. Also, be aware that the BT protocol itself my reveal a nodes real IP. Be informed about the technologies you use.
    To use Bittorrent with The Onion Skin Router (a project sponsored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and previously funded by the Naval Research Lab), first, download and install The Onion Skin Router. You can download The Onion Skin Router from the following URL: (external link) (cache)
    TOR is what makes your bittorrent traffic anonymous, TOR is a client that joins your system to the TOR anonymous network. This network is not a collection of proxies, its a low latency mix network, with SSL/TLS tunnels telescoped inside one another. This means that each system you route your traffic through can not see your traffic, or your IP address. If you want to understand how it does this, read The Onion Skin Router Wiki page for more information. Once you have The Onion Skin Router installed, and running, you can move on to the next step.
    Install TOR client
    The official installation instructions for TOR are available on the EFF TOR website: (external link) (cache)
    Instructions for Bittorrent clients that do not support TOR natively
    Install Proxy Chains
    Then, you need to download ProxyChains (external link) (cache). Unfortunately, this is currently only available for UNIX systems. If you are running Windows, you will want to use something other than TOR to use bittorrent anonymously, such as i2p or, you will want to use another bittorrent client that supports TOR natively. Currently, the official bittorrent client does not support TOR natively, but in the following section, we list clients that do. Or, as mentioned, you can use i2p to use bittorrent anonymously. Instructions for using i2p to make bittorrent anonymous are on the i2p wiki page.
    Once ProxyChains? is installed, just add
    socks5 9050
    http localhost 8118
    to the ProxyChains? config file at ~/.proxychains/proxychains.conf. Now that it is configured, type proxychains btdownloadcurses at the command line. Remember this, you must invoke proxychains to execute the bittorrent client for you. Do not start your bittorrent client without this if it does not support TOR natively and you have no configured it to do so!
    Instructions for Bittorrent Clients that support TOR natively
    List of clients that supports TOR natively
    1. Azureus Bittorrent client
    Download the Azureus Bittorrent client (external link) (cache) Instructions to configure this client to use TOR (external link) (cache)
    Add in additional protections
    Install Privoxy
    This will help to ensure that your browser does not send information of its own accord to a website you want to visit anonymously. Like TOR, privoxy is an open source project, so no spyware or hidden code in this application and you don’t have to take our word for it, you can always check the source code yourself and compile from that trusted source if you prefer.
    Download privoxy from here: (external link) (cache)
    Thats it!
    If you installed TOR, privoxy and followed the instructions for configuring your client, you should be all set. Finally, please donate to the TOR project: (external link)

    Contributors to this page: Michael Shinn20462 points .
    Page last modified on Sunday 19 of October, 2008 21:22:48 EDT by Michael Shinn20462 points .
    The content on this page is licensed under the terms of the Got Root License. ”


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    “Tor is a software project that lets you use the Internet anonymously. tor2web is a project to let Internet users access anonymous servers.

    Here’s how it works: Imagine you’ve got something that you want to publish anonymously, like the Federalist Papers or leaked documents from a whistleblower. You publish them via HTTP using a Tor hidden service; that way your anonymity is protected. Then people access those documents through tor2web; that way anyone with a Web browser can see them.
    Getting started

    Whenever you see a URL like http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/, that’s a Tor hidden Web service. Just replace .onion with to use the tor2web proxy network. Example:

    This connects you with tor2web, which then talks to the hidden service via Tor and relays the response back to you.

    WARNING: tor2web is only intended to protect publishers, not readers. You won’t get the level of anonymity, confidentiality, or authentication that you would get if you were using a Tor client yourself. Using tor2web trades off security for convenience; install Tor for better results. (More details…)
    Example sites

    Search Google
    The Federalist Papers

    More information

    How do I run my own tor2web proxy?
    Is this legal?
    What about mirroring?
    How can Tor make this better?

    Support us

    DONATE: Contribute via BitCoin at 1EkNYviucDXNiB7HsVZVuCi9FsvFFJu3tP

    HOST: You can set up your own tor2web proxy.

    CODE: You can write code to help us. Also check out tor2web-related tasks in Tor.

    Wired: New Service Makes Tor Anonymized Content Available to All
    Ars Technica: tor2web brings anonymous Tor sites to the “regular” web
    Tor blog: Quick thoughts on tor2web


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    “Torsocks: use socks-friendly applications with Tor

    Torsocks allows you to use most socks-friendly applications in a safe way with Tor. It ensures that DNS requests are handled safely and explicitly rejects UDP traffic from the application you’re using.

    Torsocks is known to work on Linux and some distributions of Unix, including Mac OSX. Once you have installed torsocks, just launch it like so:

    usewithtor [application]

    So, for example you can use ssh to a by doing:

    usewithtor ssh username @

    or launch pidgin by doing:

    usewithtor pidgin

    An alternative to usewithtor is torsocks:

    torsocks pidgin

    The tables below list applications that usewithtor/torsocks will send through Tor. At the moment a 100% guarantee of safe interoperability with Tor can only be given for a few of them. This is because the operation of the applications and the data they transmit has not been fully researched, so it is possible that a given application can leak user/system data at a level that neither Tor nor torsocks can control.

    The following administrative applications are known to be compatible with usewithtor:

    Application 100% Safe DNS Comments
    ssh M Y Potential for identity leaks through login.
    telnet M Y Potential for identity leaks through login and password.
    svn M Y
    gpg M Y gpg –refresh-keys works well enough.

    The following messaging applications are known to be compatible with usewithtor:

    Application 100% Safe DNS Comments
    pidgin M Y Potential for identity leaks through login and password.
    kopete M Y Potential for identity leaks through login and password.
    konversation M Y Potential for identity leaks through login and password.
    irssi M Y Potential for identity leaks through login and password.
    silc M Y Potential for identity leaks through login and password.

    The following email applications are known to be compatible with usewithtor:

    Application 100% Safe DNS Comments
    claws-mail M Y
    thunderbird N Y Probable identity leaks through javascript, mail headers. Potential for identity leaks through login, password.

    The following file transfer applications are known to be compatible with usewithtor:

    Application 100% Safe DNS Comments
    wget N Y Probable identity leaks through http headers. Privoxy and polipo a better solution.
    ftp M Y Passive mode works well generally.

    Table legend:

    DNS: DNS requests safe for Tor?
    N – The application is known to leak DNS requests when used with torsocks.
    Y – Testing has shown that application does not leak DNS requests.
    100% Safe: Fully verified to have no interoperability issues with Tor?
    N – Anonymity issues suspected, see comments column.
    M – Safe enough in theory, but either not fully researched or anonymity can be compromised
    through indiscreet use (e.g. email address, login, passwords).
    Y – Application has been researched and documented to be safe with Tor.

    Differences between torsocks and tsocks

    A complete history of changes is maintained in the Changelog. The initial working copy of torsocks was obtained through the following steps in June 2008:

    Tsocks was downloaded from the project’s sourceforge repository.
    All patches listed at TSocksPatches in March 2008 were applied. In particular, the patch from Total Information Security that hooks DNS requests and passesthem to Tor. The original link for this patch is now dead and the authors are no longer available at the email addresses supplied in the patch’s source.
    Weasel’s getpeername() patch and some build-related patches from Ruben Garcia were applied.
    All references to tsocks in the project source files were renamed to torsocks.
    The project was then migrated to an automake/autoconf build system.

    To help with reconstructing the above steps a list of applied patches is available in the patches subdirectory of the torsocks source tree.
    Enhancements unique to torsocks

    The first release of torsocks contained the following enhancements:

    Torifying reverse dns requests through gethostbyaddr()
    Blocking of UDP traffic from sendto() and its variants.
    Use of Tor-friendly defaults if no configuration file available.
    The addition of all RFC defined private address ranges to the default configuration.”
    “torsocks-1.1.tar.gz.asc Torsocks 1.1 Signature Dec 11 198 bytes 206
    torsocks-1.1.tar.gz Torsocks 1.1 Featured Dec 11 658 KB”


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    “everything you publish here is viewable on the world wide web @
    click a name to see their page, click the time to see that post
    if you must refer to someone else with an account, use @name and it will link to them
    if you must refer to a post made by someone else, use @name/id and it’ll link to it
    don’t link to http://ms4kc75hlvnfcxgz.onion/ because this is viewed on the web, use the @s
    use basic html tags, and please no scripting or attacks
    I am seriously pissed off!
    Oh sure, that’s what you say.
    Check out this site. ”


    (4 hidden serices TOR – 翻墙利器)

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        Gestern war alles gut,heute habe ich “504 Connect to oxtm3utqo54i7dtz.onion:80 failed: SOCKS error: host unreachable…..” – probieren Sie bitte noch Zeit zu Zeit.

        (4 hidden serices TOR – 翻墙利器)

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          Entschuldigen Sie mir,dass ich einen Fehler gemacht habe.Es sollte sein “……von Zeit zu Zeit”

          (4 hidden serices TOR – 翻墙利器)

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    “Hosting Features
    Here you can get free hosting with PHP and MySQL
    Unlimited Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    Unlimited MySQL Databases
    Your own onion domain ( xxxxx.onion )
    Fast Network with 24/7 Uptime
    No javascript or cookies required to login
    Upload a zip with your files and extract on server
    FTP Access
    No server logs of any kind
    NO BACKUPS if our drive fails, all data will be lost, backup yourself if its important.
    What’s Allowed
    We do not give permission for upload of any illegal files.
    If you chose to do so anyway, we are not responsible for your actions.
    I’ve not got a infinite hard drive and the server cpu is limited so please don’t upload too much or use resource intensive scripts.
    Need Help?
    When installing some php scripts it might complain about chmod, disabled functions or safe mode, just ignore the warning and continue anyway.
    If the php warnings display on your site, edit the php file and find the line it complains about and put an @ before the function it complains about. eg. change chmod to @chmod etc…
    If it still wont work then use the Contact link above or reply to our thread on onionforum
    News May 2010
    New 8 core i7 server, more ram, more bandwidth, should improve recent slowness.”


    (3 hidden serices TOR – 翻墙利器)

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    “The HiddenTracker is a bittorrent tracker free for anyone to use. To protect the people who maintain it, it runs behind a Tor hidden service. You don’t need to register, upload or index a torrent anywhere, all you have to do is to include a HiddenTracker tracker URL in your torrent, and share it with whoever wants like to download it.
    Getting Started
    You can get started using the HiddenTracker without installing any software, or configuring anything. When you create or download a torrent file, simply add the following two of our HiddenTracker announce URIs:


    While that’ll get you started, you’ll get better performance with some configuration changes. In addition, for redundancy, we have a number of different addresses, so that the service stays up even when some of our servers go down. Check out the instructions for for details on how to get the best performance out of the HiddenTracker.
    More Info
    For more information on what we do, and why we do it, please read all about us. You can read more about how Tor protects privacy and anonymiy on the Tor Project’s website. ”

    You can get in touch with us at For secure communications, please use our GPG public key.
    Check out @hiddentracker on Twitter. We’ll try to keep updates infrequent, so that we don’t clog up your news feed.
    About Us
    The HiddenTracker is a BitTorrent tracker. We use the open source OpenTracker software, like the late Pirate Bay tracker. A Tor hidden service allows us to to maintain our superhero-like hidden identities. In addition to giving us an exotic air of mystique, keeping the location of our servers hidden helps us to protect ourselves and the service from various sorts of attacks, especially baseless legal threats that we can’t do anything about.
    If you have a complaint about our service, please let us know. However, please be aware that it is very unlikely that we’ll be able to do very much. In particular, we can’t remove a torrent’s info-hash from the tracker. Not only do we have no idea what content a perticular info-hash pertains to, our software is not configured ot let us much about with individual torrents.
    We can probably use all the help we can get. Whether you can donate time, expertise, money or moral support, we’d really appreciate it. Please get in touch.
    You can access the website via three Tor hidden service addresses:

    In the unlikely event that you’re not a Tor super user, you can replace the “.onion” in the address with “”, to access the website via a normal web browser. This trick will work for the website, but not for the tracker, since Tor2Web only proxies port 80. We have other announce addresses for use with Tor2Web, which are listed in the setup instructions, along with our purely hidden service announce addresses.
    We may from time to time add or remove hidden service addresses as our server configuration changes. If we publish HS addresses anywhere but here, we’ll be sure sign then. ”


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    “Welcome to TorPM! A popular secure messaging service for use over Tor.
    PM means Private Messaging. This service allows members to communicate with each other privately. Like e-mail, but for Tor users.
    NEW: Now compatible with HiddenMessaging service. To send a message to HiddenMessaging users, use username@hiddenmessaging. HiddenMessaging users can also contact TorPM users by using username@torpm
    AES Encryption
    All messages are stored on a AES-encrypted container [Details]
    No data retention
    When you empty your inbox, all messages are overwritten to prevent data recovery [Details]
    Cookie free
    Requires no cookies, java, or javascript.
    Sign up now, or Log in to check your messages ”


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