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vforchrome 一个简单易用,便于ssh翻墙的基于chromium的浏览器。





phpsocks5 PHP空间做Socks5代理服务器



ppvswa 公共 PPTP VPN WEB审核赋权系统




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    Extension for Chrome:
    This tool is used to automatically enable state-full SSL encryption on the browser. ”
    “This tool is a google chrome extension that automatically saves if a webpage uses SSL encryption and enforces it whenever the website is visited, even if the website is presented as plain http.”
    “extension.crx Google Chrome extension for enforcing SSL statefull encrytption Featured May 8 May 8 77.3 KB”


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    Extension for Chrome:
    “Many sites have their default login pages on regular http, but also offer login over SSL (such as Twitter, Hotmail, and Facebook). This extension automatically redirects users to SSL login pages if possible.
    The goal is to assist users in making smarter decisions regarding where they put confidential information.”


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    Extension for Chrome:
    “Version 0.2.1 fixes the problem that prevents user from installing saferChrome on windows.
    ==Feature details==
    – Gives warnings about insecure password transmissions. SaferChrome detects sites that send your password in the clear because the site doesn’t use SSL or uses it incorrectly. It also helps prevent SSL strip attacks (that rewrite the form action to trick you into sending your password over HTTP rather than HTTPS).
    – Enables HTTPS redirect. SaferChrome allows you to specify websites that you want to browse over HTTPS. This might break some functionality on those sites but enables more secure browsing, especially useful when logging in from an unsecure Wi-Fi network in a coffee shop or airport. By default SaferChrome forces HTTPS for Facebook and Twitter.
    – Reports site elements loaded from third-parties. SaferChrome shows the number and origin of elements loaded from domains other than the one you are visiting. These elements are typically utilized for tracking. In the next release we will enable blocking of content from unwanted parties.
    == Feature requests and Bug reports==
    We are looking fora beta testers. So if you want to test the latest features and help us making SaferChrome a better extension please contact us.
    If you find bugs or have feature ideas, please report them here: http://code.google.com/p/saferchrome/issues/
    Please note that due to lack of synchronous API in Chrome (http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=54257) certain features, such as selectively blocking HTTPS mixed content and complete blocking of certain domains can’t be implemented fully.
    == Useful Links==
    FAQ: http://code.google.com/p/saferchrome/wiki/FAQ
    ChangeLog: http://code.google.com/p/saferchrome/wiki/ChangeLog
    ==Dev team==
    – Elie Bursztein (http://elie.im)
    – Celine Fabry (http://celine.im)
    Follow SaferChrome updates and contact us on Twitter @saferchrome (http://twitter.com/saferchrome)
    Our Facebook page:…”


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    Extension for chrome:
    “This extension enforces encryption for websites that support it as much as currently possible in Chrome. This gives you added security and privacy for your browsing automatically and transparently. This is particularly important on insecure networks, such as public wifi in e.g. coffee shops and hotels.

    It is not completely secure against the infamous Firesheep, but it does minimize the risk greatly. See the section on complete enforcement for technical details and more on when this will be possible.

    – Automatically detects if a site supports SSL (TLS) and redirects you to it
    – Flexible options for overriding the auto-detection
    – Caches which sites support SSL (respects incognito mode)
    – Open source (GPLv2 or later)”


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    “README_CHS PPVSWA_中文README ppvswa readme readme 10 hours ago 10 hours ago 12.2 KB “