7 Firefox Add-Ons To Browse Anonymously

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Browsing the internet gets more and more volatile towards our privacy every day, however there are people out there that can make it a little safer for us. Using an internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox enables a user to install plug-ins and add-ons that cannot only increase the efficiency of our browsing, but also help secure our private information from getting into the wrong person’s hands. The following are just some of the better Mozilla Firefox tools that can make the internet a safer place.

Anonymization Toolbar – This special tool will enable you to stay more anonymous while browsing the internet through Firefox. There are one click options that allow you to delete your browsing history, cache and cookies.

BrowseAtWork – Add-on ideal for viewing webpages blocked by many corporate or school filters.

FoxTor – This program will help hide your computer behind different proxies, changing your IP address as you surf different websites on the internet.

FoxyProxy – Gives you complete control over the proxy configuration. Can be used to browse anonymously.

ProxySel – Add-on that allows you to choose a proxy from a drop down list and also to import proxies from proxy lists

SwitchProxy – This add-on allows you to easily switch between proxy configurations and keep your surfing more anonymous.

Torbutton – Add-on for enabling and disabling Firefox’s use of Tor for safer surfing.