5 Ways To Find If My Site Is Blocked In China

As part of my ongoing mission on China and her Internet, I tried to dig out few methods that can help you track if your website is blocked in China. Let’s see if this works or not. All you got to do is enter your URL and let the online tools do their job.

Just Ping

They have their servers located in Hong Kong and they are pretty smooth at testing if your website is blocked in China or not. Our How To Hide IP isn’t!

Watch Mouse

Watch Mouse also has it monitors within China so they can come on handy too when you are trying to track your website from within China.

View DNS

View DNS uses DNS poisoning to track if your website is blocked on China or not. DNS poisoning is one of the common methods used by Chinese government to block access to different websites. See results for How To Hide IP below:

Website Pulse

When compared to the ones above, website pulse has servers in more cities within China so they can be given an upper hand. They check your website from Beijing directly!

Great Firewall of China

I love this domain and I wish I had registered this! I could only write a post on Great Firewall of China and this guy created a complete website on it. And, it works!