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How to run goagent on webOS Devices.Note: This is only the client part, You should deploy the server-side part at first.Get in trouble? See FAQ section first,Or report an issue

Credit to https://code.google.com/p/systoolsmgr-service/ Source Code is here


  • webOS 2.0+ (for nodejs service runtime)
  • Have homebrew-js-service-framework installed
  • Enyo rumtime. (For veer, please install hp maps in App Catalog)
  • Have goagent server deployed.

Step by step

  • Download and install com.goagent.local_1.0.0_all.ipk.You can use WQI.
  • Mount you webOS devices as USB disk drive.
  • Download goagent-local-webos-1.7.7z and python-2.6.5-webos.7z,Then extract it to root path of your webOS USB disk. Make sure the path of python is /media/internal/goagent/usr/bin/python and proxy.py path is /media/internal/goagent/local/proxy.py
  • Download CA.crt. Copy it to your webOS USB disk.
  • Edit /media/internal/goagent/local/proxy.ini , Fill in your own appid.
  • Eject your webOS USB disk drive.
  • Import Goagent Certificate(CA.cert) via Internalz pro(Open it) Or Device Info->Preferences->Certificate Manager
  • Install Proxify from preware or WQI. Add a proxy setting. Name:goagent IP: Port:8087. For Touchpad, please install proxy-set-basic.
  • Open GoAgent. Enable it
  • Open web browser, type www.facebook.com to test it.


  • Can not play youtube video on Pre3 since goagent did not support rtsp tunnel over http.
  • For twitter, Spaz and Carbon works.
  • Other GAE limits.


  • Not work in webOS 2.1(veer/3p etc..)?
  • Already support but have some bugs when accessing https website.Yes,currently not available for webOS 2.1 but we are trying redsocks+iptables in those devices just like gaeproxy does in android. Or you may upgrade to webOS 2.2.3, this post maybe helps(a little risky). Reason is that proxy setting API is only supported in the 3.0 and 2.2 (Pre3). Here is details.



How to run goagent on iOS Devices.Note: This is only the client part, You should deploy the server-side part at first.Get in trouble? See FAQ section first,Or report an issue

Special thanks Linus Yang for cross compiling python for iOS.


  • A jailbreak iOS device.
  • Have goagent server deployed.
  • Change Cydia settings : Cydia -> Manage -> Settings -> Developer
  • SBSettings

Step by step


  • Support iOS5
  • Upgrade to Python 2.7 for iOS
  • Auto change WIFI or APN proxy settings.
  • iPhone Setting App for add custom urls to pac file.


  • Can not find python 2.6.5 in cydia?
  • Change cydia settings : Cydia -> Manage -> Settings -> Developer or Download it from here
  • Why need to import goagent certificate?
  • The reason is same as using goagent on Windows.
  • Can not open all web pages,Error code 502,Data format at not match issue.
  • Make sure you have uploaded goagent server or php fetch server before. Check the appid in proxy.ini whether correct or not.
  • Change proxy.ini, no corresponding effect?
  • You need to restart goagent, just toggle it off then on.
  • Is goagent available under 3G?
  • Thanks for the testing by Arama(ljq…@gmail.com). See issue 1049 for details. You can try it by adding an new APN via iPhone Configuration Utility just like Onavo or 彩虹流量 or falcop does. or try change ProxyAutoConfigURLString in preferences.plist,see this link.
  • Twitter in safari alerts “403 Forbidden (Rate Limit Exceeded)”
  • GAE IPs banned by mobile twitter,You can use official Twitter client for iOS instead
  • YouTube alerts “This movie format is not supported.”
  • Caused by range fetch, m.youtube.com and youtube iOS client use different hosts which not in the autorange list.BTW Dolphin Browser and Safari with Frash both works.
  • PAC file is invalid?
  • The default port setting in pac is 8087 or 8088 (filename). Check with port setting in proxy.ini.You can use your own pac file instead. For some iOS devices, Mobile Safari seems not support local PAC file,i.e.”file://” not work.This is a known issue, see issues 873 for details.
  • What happened when toggle Goagent SBSettings Toggle on?
  • Actually Goagent SBSettings Toggle is a daynamic library will be loaded by SBSettings. When you toggle it on, The Toggle sends a command to sbsettingsd by calling notify_post(), this deamon would execute it.
  • Goagent SBSettings Toggle is No icon?
  • Only have icons for five default SBSettings themes
  • Memory usage of goagent?
  • Approximately 15Mb.
  • Do not want to install SBSettings?
  • Try the former methods or wait for new iOS APP(no ETA)
  • How to upgrade goagent manually?
  • Download latest goagent. Stop goagent and replace proxy.ini and proxy.py in /var/mobile/goagent-local.
  • The former methods like mobile terminal or rove mobile admin client is still available?
  • Yes.
  • Run python proxy.py in mobile terminal alerts “OpenSSL Module : Disabled”
  • You need to run as root.
  • Run python proxy.py in mobile terminal alerts “socket.error: errno 48 Address already in use”
  • The former python process is still runing. run “killall python”.



please refer to https://code.google.com/p/gaeproxy/