froxy—A proxy helps user get through the company firewall.

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Froxy is a proxy which helps user get through the company firewall. Users can config their own blocked web sites in the configuration file and set the proxy server to froxy server. The froxy will help user to fetch these blocked web sites using Google App Engine instead of the way user used before.

System required:

  • Any Operation System
  • Java SDK 5 must be installed


  • Froxy IP, you have to put IP address of the machine which is running this Froxy here. For example, you can put, if you use this machine to start Froxy.
  • FroxyPort, the port you want to start the Froxy.
  • UseProxy, if the machine can’t access the internet directly, then you can use the original proxy. Here you should put “true” (no quote).
  • LocalProxy, the local proxy ip address or machine name.
  • ProxyPort, the local proxy port.
  • ProxyMask, the blocked web sites which you want to use this Froxy, separated by comma.
  • DirectAccess, the website you can directly access, no proxy will be used. For example, you can put your intranet address here.
  • DefaultProxy, the default proxy the browser used before we use this new proxy tool. If it was directly connected to the Internet, then use “DIRECT” (no quote). If it is not, the format is PROXY IP:Port. For example, you can put original http proxy “PROXY” (no quote) here.
  • RemoteServer, this is the remote servers the Froxy is going to use. Usually you don’t have to change. But if too many users use the Froxy, you may need to add new servers. I will publish new servers if existing quota is used up.


After the configuraton, you can start the Froxy.

  • In Linux, please use
  • In Window, please use startup.bat.

Put your browser’s automatical proxy setting(firefox) or automatical configration script(IE) as “http://[Froxy IP]:FroxyPort/pac”. Now, the froxy will automatically forward your block websites’ request to app engines. For the other sites, it will use your setting DefaultProxy. Enjoy yourself.