Android 平台 使用 Cisco IPSec VPN

看到个很不可理喻的FEAT VPN,据说他们开创了一个创举——在没有root的原版安卓系统上原生地使用openvpn。咋一看真是很让人兴奋,不过仔细看看很搞笑,他说是你手机使用l2tp vpn连接到他们的服务器,他们服务器再帮你转发到你的openvpn服务器,真够搞的,呵呵。

目前Android使用openvpn服务主要是两种方法,一是获取root权限随意折腾,一是刷CM7的系统自带openvpn。这些以前都说过,本文要说的是Android 平台 使用 Cisco IPSec VPN。

这个其实以前 一文中也说过,不过那时还要借助第三方软件,看到12VPN有篇教程是Android 4.0.3或更高版本的,可以比较简单的使用Cisco IPSec VPN不需要第三方软件,一起看看。

Android 4


  • Android 4.0.3 or higher.
  • Your phone needs to be secured with a pattern, PIN or password. Android will refuse to setup the VPN without one.
  • An Android 4 compatible server. In this example we use which is a server in Amsterdam. Please see the server list at the bottom of this page for more compatible servers.


Download your personal security certificate: username.p12

You’ll need to refresh this certificate once a year.


When you open the certificate a password will be asked. The password isimport:

You can give the certificate a name. We recommend you accept the default name:

Next, open the Settings application and navigate to the VPN settings:

Add a new VPN network:

Copy the settings as shown below. You can use a different server address if you found one on our servers page. Note: starting version 4.0.3 there is one more setting called IPSec server certificate which should be set to (received from server).

The VPN profile is now created. Tap it once to tell Android to connect to the VPN:

The first time you connect, Android will ask you the username and password. Please enter vpn for both. Do not enter your real 12VPN username and password:

After 2 or 3 seconds the profile should show as Connected. Tap it once more to disconnect the VPN:


Not logged in. Please login.

Personal US vs Personal World

Servers listed as Personal US & Personal World can be used by users of both our Personal US plan as well as our Personal World plan. For these servers one must use the security certificate from our Download section at the top of this page.

Servers listed as Personal World only can be used by users of the Personal World plan only. For these servers one must use the following security premium certificate: username-premium.p12

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